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Born to Run


If the spectacular scenery and promises of lifetime memories is not enough, the testimonials from our past participants will cement the idea that this is the event for you! This is just a handful of the incredible feedback we receive from participants each and every year.

"Signing up to do the Big Red Run in 2016 changed my perspective on running and myself. For whatever reason, I always had this idea that to be a runner you had to run at a reasonable pace and not stop! I most certainly didn't consider myself to be a runner and the idea of running a marathon was the furthest thing from my mind. However, after watching my sister Jenna Brook walk/run it in 2015, I thought that if she could do it I could do it as I considered myself more of a runner than her! In 2016 I signed up for the 250km with a bucket load of dutch courage and far more mental fitness than physical fitness and I walked it and got it done. It's an event you can walk and finish within the cut off. In 2017 I had unfinished business and signed up again and won the 150km event. I LOVE this event and anyone can do it and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a personal challenge. You are fit enough, you know enough, you can do it! The people, the scenery, the safety, the organisers - it is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. I've never experienced anything like it before and I doubt I ever will again. After two years of being a competitor, it's my turn to repay the favour and i'll be back again as a volunteer (who are bettered referred to as 'angels in the desert'). Sign-up! Make a decision and GO!"
- Karen Brook, 2016 and 2017 participant 

"The best decision I ever made was to have a crack at Big Red Run and its changed my life massively. I'm a back of the pack runner, people have always doubted my ability and I proved them all wrong. I did this event in 2015 and came back for more in 2016. I made life long friends all over the world who I'm always catching up with at races interstate and overseas. It's like an instant bond that we have that can't be broken. An unspoken understanding of what we went through as we supported each other and we made sure everyone got to that finish line. Take the next step and chase your dreams. I believe you can do it....find a group of strangers that will believe in you too as they will soon be your new Big Red Run family."
- Kirsten Maplestone, 2015 and 2016 participant

"Writing this review is probably harder than taking part in BRR! I walked the 250km race this year! Having never done anything like this before but wow what a worthwhile amazing experience!!! You start as a bunch of a strangers and finish up as friends having spent 6 crazy days in the Simpson Desert together..sharing your highs and lows, comparing injuries and juicy blisters as well as doing something inspirational for a worthy cause!!

Something about the place has definitely got under my skin, the experience, the night sky & stars, the people and all that sand!!! It all seems a bit surreal now it's over!! If you want a challenge to get you out of your comfort zone then the Big Red Run is the one for you!! Xxx"
- Tanya Milgate, 2017 participant

"I went into the Simpson Desert as one person and came out a different person. Tremendously rewarding experience surrounded by the nicest people you would ever hope to meet. It was challenging, hard and you experience some of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever see. The event organisers and volunteers are world class. Nothing was left to chance. I cant speak too highly about it. Change your life. Do something big. Do the big red run. 250km or the 150km option. Either way you wont find a better run in this country.
No one ever grew by staying within their comfort zone."
- Craig McInerney, 2017 participant

"Sounded exciting and really different to anything I had ever done, and I had never done a multi-day run. Caught the bus up from Adelaide, and stayed overnight at Marree on the way. Only knew 2 of 17 people on the bus at the start, and there were about 80 runners, plus volunteers, medics and organisers. Mostly strangers. Well I'm one of the slower paced runners, and my goal was to beat cut off. Well just so much more happened (apart from meeting cut off every day) I met so many people from all over Australia, and several had travelled from overseas. But the most amazing part was the bond that developed between what was a bunch of strangers at the start. The experience was also amazing, to see the many different and changing landscapes of the desert, and to challenge oneself beyond anything I had ever done before. I made lots of new friends, and still in touch with good old fb. I would have to say it's been the most life changing experience I ever had. Definitely got my money's worth and then some!"
- Kim Welcome, 2015 participant

"Best thing I've ever done in my life - the only event like this is Australia. Not only is it visually stunning and one heck of a physical challenge, I have met long life friends that two years later still inspire and support me through my running endeavours!"
- Tanya Blair, 2015 participant

"I've done many maras and ultras in Australia and overseas, but the Big Red Run lives in my memory like no other. It's like the spirit of the desert becomes part of you. It's not just the experience of the event at the time - the fun, the people, the challenge - but the memories become something even bigger. You pay to run for six days, but it gives you lifelong returns."
- Richard Castles, 2015 participant 

"We participated in this event in 2016. It was extremely well supported both on course and back at camp. Nothing beats the Simpson Desert as a backdrop for a trail run, and the Milky Way at night shining bright is spectacular as you rest your feet after a big day. Highly recommend this event- even if you aren't a runner as the cut off times allow the course to be completed even at a strong walking pace."
- Katrina Small, 2016 participant 


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The Big Red Run is a unique high profile fundraising event, which draws significant media coverage. If you are interested in Big Red Run sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.

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