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Born to Run

General Event Rules

By registering for the event, I hereby agree to adhere to the general event rules at all times while participating in either the Big Red 250 or Big Red 150. I understand that failure to comply with these rules may result in time penalties, withdrawal from the race, or being prohibited from starting the race.

1)     You must have all mandatory gear to participate. If you do not have all mandatory gear, you will not be allowed to start. There are no outdoor stores in Birdsville, so ensure you have all this gear before arriving.

2)     Mandatory gear must be carried, there will be spot checks and time penalties if anything is missing.

3)     Race number must be on your front and visible at all times.

4)     Hi-Visibility vest (supplied by organisers) must be carried by all runners on day 5 and must be worn after 5pm. If you think you might be still on the course on any day you need to carry and wear your high-visibility vest after dark.

5)     You must stay on the marked course, short cuts are not allowed (race officials will monitor you using the Satellite tracker you will be carrying).

6)     You must carry all your rubbish out.

7)     If you need to poo you must dig a hole at least 15cm deep and fill it in afterwards.

8)     Leave all farm gates as you find them.

9)     Runners cannot accept any outside assistance from spectators.

10)   Spectators are not allowed on the course. The designated viewing areas are the only exception.

11)   Spectators are not allowed to run with or pace the participants. Participants may receive a warning or time penalty if this occurs.

12)   A runner is responsible for the actions of any supporters following the race. If these supporters go out of official access areas or spectator areas, the runner may receive a time penalty.

13)   If you come across another runner in need of assistance, you are required to stop and help in whatever way you are able to. You will receive a credit for any time lost in doing this.

14)   Any runner requiring IV fluids and/or prescription medications from event doctors must withdraw from that day's run and can only continue on following days if the Medical Director gives approval. This decision is final. 

15)   A runner who does not complete a day can continue the next day with the approval of the Medical Director but will not receive a ranking or time at the end of the event. If the Medial Director does not approve the entrant to continue, this decision is final.

16)   The Medical Director has the authority to prevent an entrant’s continued participation at any stage of the event, if it is deemed unsafe for the individual’s health and/or their safety.

17)   Medical Certificates must be signed by a doctor, and returned within the specified timeframe along with the completion of an online medical survey. Failure to do this may result in the Medical Director preventing your participation. Registered participants will be sent information about both the online medical survey and Medical Certificates closer to the event.

18)   Runners arriving at a checkpoint after the official cut off time will not be permitted to continue and must wait at the checkpoint where they will be taken to the finish in an event vehicle.

19)   The safety of the participants is the highest priority for the race organisers. Safety comes first before anything else, which means that if the event has to be called off or suspended due to any issue that may compromise the safety of competitors, the organisers will not hesitate to do that. Event Organisers reserve the right to alter the course without notice and/or cancel the event in consultation with, and under the direction of, emergency services agencies and major event stakeholders or landowners. In the unlikely circumstance that the event is cancelled for reasons outside of our control such as weather, fire, flood, Park closures or any other reasons, we will be unable to offer a refund of your entry fee. This is due to the fact that most of the costs of operating an event like Big Red Run are incurred and paid for prior to the event.

20)   Individuals must fundraise a minimum of $1,000 in addition to the event entry fee. The minimum fundraising commitment must be met by 1 week prior to the event. Failure to do so, means you will not be eligible to start the event, unless approval is given by event organisers.

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The Big Red Run is a unique high profile fundraising event, which draws significant media coverage. If you are interested in Big Red Run sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.

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