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Born to Run

Club Red is an exclusive club for those who have participated and completed Big Red Run.

Fine out more about some of the amazing people who have done Big Red Run and why they chose to participate.

Club Red is our way of thanking people who have participated in Big Red Run and offers special discounts on all Big Run Events and other special offers.

 Want to be a part of Club Red? Join us for Big Red Run!

Colin Suckling
Helmut HaselRoither
Jill Saker
Kelly-Lynn Fleming
Leah Nicol
Lisa Hussey
Phill Dernee
Sandy Suckling
Shayne McKavanagh
Stewart Mason
Damon Roberts
Duncan Read
Natalie Moore
Natasha Sekulic
Angelo Portelli
Annabel Hepworth
Ashlea Laundess
Bec Cook
Catherine Wallis
Catie Eccleston
Craig McInerney
David Barnard
David Moloney
David Williams
Donna Oliver
Glenn Trott
Izzi Griffin
Jaci Richards
Jamie Hildage
Janine Watts
Jayde Laundesss
Jenna Brook
John Lindsay
Jonathan Miller
Josh Leussink
Juliette Edwards
Karen Bentley
Karen Brook
Kay Bretz
Keith Dunne
Kim Denwer
Kimberly Broadhurst
Kirsten Maplestone
Kylie Smith
Lachlan Ireland
Lachlan Ireland
Laura Kalomiris
Lee Tinetti
Luke Mulley
Martin Mallon
Matthew Brierley
Matthew Woodhouse
Michele Ruyters
Mohan Kandiah
Narelle Monaghan
Neil Parrock
Parrish Fatchen
Paul Griffiths
Paul McDonald
Pippa Lyon
Richard Castles
Rick Fitzgerald
Rob Beilharz
Rowena Fraser
Sally Dean
Sally Hill
Sarah Kings
Sharon Callister
Shawn Tansley
Simi Henderson
Stephanie Stoker
Steve Lucas
Tanya Blair
Tim Bradey
Tracy Beare
Trish Abrahams
Tristan Duffy
Zac McDermott

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The Big Red Run is a unique high profile fundraising event, which draws significant media coverage. If you are interested in Big Red Run sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.

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