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Big Red Run Spectators

The wonderful thing about Big Red Run is that participants do not require a support crew. In order to ensure that no participant is at an unfair advantage, support crews are not permitted at Big Red Run. 

Spectators however, are very welcome at Big Red Run! Support that spectators are permitted to give includes moral support and encouragement, cheer teams at the finish lines, big hugs before the start and some runners might even be lucky enough to receive the odd massage or two from their spectators!

If you would like to come along and watch your family or friends who are participating in Big Red Run or Little Red Run, you might like to come along as a spectator.  

Spectators are not volunteers, as we will have dedicated volunteers. If you would rather come as a volunteer than a spectator please see the information about volunteers.

Due to the growing size of the event, spectators (previously referred to as supporters) arrangements will be slightly different in 2017, so please ensure you read below.

Spectators will be able to watch the start and finish of each day, and they will have access to suitable checkpoints (known as Spectator Approved Checkpoints) as identified by organisers and stakeholders. Of an evening, spectators are welcome to mingle with the runners at camp, and be a part of the evening entertainment. A spectator area is available at each campsite where spectators are welcome to camp. This is separate to the runners camp to ensure there are no vehicle movements through the camp, and that a quiet camp is available for the runners to rest.

As a spectator, you will need to ensure that you can get yourself around the course and between campsites. Registered runners will be issued with downloadable spectator map files that can be given to spectators to ensure they can find their way around. Campsites are accessible via 2WD (including caravan and campervans), as are most of the Spectator Approved Checkpoints. 

Spectators will need to provide their own accommodation (tent/caravan/campervan) and need to be self sufficient through the event with their own transport, food, cooking equipment, water supplies and clothing.

Spectators will not be able to attend the pre event welcome dinner due to the capacity restraints of the venue. Spectators are welcome to attend the post event dinner at the Birdsville Hotel, but must be aware that the reserved seating for the Big Red Run event is for runners and volunteers only. Spectators are welcome to stand at the back of the reserved seating area to view the presentation and award giving. Spectators will need to purchase their own meals. After the main dinner and presentation, spectators are welcome to mix with all runners and volunteers in the reserved area.

There is no charge for spectators to attend the event.

Spectators can expect the following:

Big Red Experience

  • A unique Australian outback experience and memories that will last a lifetime
  • A chance to share a week of socialising with other runners and their spectators from around Australia and across the globe
  • Nightly 5 *3 metre event cinema for viewing of all of the days action
  • Nightly talks, and communal campfire
  • Access to downloadable spectator maps outlining access to Spectator Approved Checkpoints. 

Spectators to Provide

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Water, meals and cooking supplies

Spectator Code of Conduct

Not all runners are lucky enough to have spectators attend the event. While we most certainly welcome and celebrate the spectators that make the journey to attend the event, we ask that they adhere to the Spectator Code of Conduct to ensure that all runners are given equal opportunity to succeed at Big Red Run.

  • Spectators should not provide any support to runners which could be advantageous. The exception to this is moral support, massages and stretching.
  • No spectator is to pace a runner, or follow the runners course (either on foot or in vehicle).
  • All runners must adhere to the mandatory gear list and weight limits. Runners event bags are to be carried by event organisers. Spectators are not permitted to carry additional runner gear. 
  • Spectators are not permitted to provide additional food and supplies to any runner at checkpoints or camp.
  • Spectators must take all rubbish away with them from campsites and checkpoints.
  • Campsite amenities (toilets and camp kitchen) are for the use of runners and volunteers. We ask that spectators be self sufficient. Spectators with their own toilet facilities are asked to use them, however if you are camping in a tent, the event portaloos are available for use (you will need to provide your own toilet paper). Digging of holes in the campsites for toileting is not permitted.
  • Spectators must set up their camp in the designated area for spectator camping at each camp. This is separate to the runners camp to ensure there are no vehicle movements through the event camp, and to allow a quiet campsite for the runners. Spectators must not enter the runners camp area to ensure that runners have privacy and a quiet restful area.   

Spectator Maps

Registered spectators will receive a link to enable them to download Spectator Maps which they can use to get to Spectator Approved Checkpoints. Please ensure you register as a spectator.
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The Big Red Run is a unique high profile fundraising event, which draws significant media coverage. If you are interested in Big Red Run sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.

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