Steve Lucas

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Big Red Run Experience

Desert temps of over 35deg in sun, massive sandstorm,freezing nights,shitty rehydrated food,early starts,very little sleep,sand dune after sand to climb,salt pans,and gibber rock to run on.

With all this going on who would have thought it was by far my best adventure yet.
Hitting the desert with so many other strangers and to come away with lifetime friends is awesome.

To be able to say I am one of very few people in the world to complete such a gruelling race is a great achievement. The organisation was first class. And without the help of the volunteers this would not be possible. Huge thanks to all their efforts. Sometimes those volunteers spend more time out on the track waiting for the last runner to come past than the runners

Those little specks you spot from miles away turn out to be checkpoints and are like an oasis out there.

World class event in my opinion.