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Big Red Run Experience

BRR.... another amazing event that I have taken part in and an iconic Australian Icon ....our very own "Simpson desert" oh and don't forget BIG RED that incredible Sand dune very well named I must say.

Our journey started when we gathered at the bus meeting point in Adelaide and already it was evident we were all a little excited, nervous and ready to make our way to Birdsville and start the event... What I think we didn't realise was how much our friendships would form just on the bus ride which proved to be a great adventure in itself.

For me I have done quite a few Stage race Ultras but BRR was a must on my list and like always proved challenging both mentally and physically...but in some warped way that is why we sign up to these events... What happens in the event is we get the added bonus of amazing friendships....we start out as just a group of people, strangers and by the end of the race we are a family all trying hard to get each and every one of us to that finish line. Yes a personally journey of reflections and friendships and for me I was lucky enough to share it with my husband Colin as well.

My body might not like me for saying this but I will be back BRR..... Woot Hoo...