Jill Saker

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Big Red Run Experience

Deciding to do BRR was all about proving something to myself and that something was BELIEF! Having put on 15kgs in the past 18mths coming off back to back Comrades runs, I had lost my running mojo. Coupled with the fact that my Achilles decided to pack up on me just before Christmas 2013 and I did no running whatsoever for 4 months meant my preparation for BRR wasn€t ideal. However, I did believe that doing this ultra was going to be more mind over matter and I didn€t care how long I was going to be out there, I was determined I was going to do it, not quit and finish. And I did. ?I learnt that having a strong mind meant the body would do anything I told it. Blisters or sore legs didn€t matter as long as my head was in the game. I met some wonderful new like-minded positive friends and totally enjoyed having my husband and son out there with me to share and enjoy the whole experience with me. To say it was life changing is an understatement. I am already wanting to go back and do it all again - thinner, fitter and more determined to give it my all.