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Big Red Run Experience

When I signed up for the Big Red Run, my aim was simply to complete it. It was by far the biggest challenge I'd ever set myself and I had no idea how I'd do it! My training went well and although it was hard to imagine running for 6 days in a row, in the desert, I felt that I was well prepared and ready to give it my best shot. I absolutely loved the first day. I made a conscious effort not to go out too hard and really enjoyed meeting my fellow runners, having a laugh and enjoying the amazing scenery and wilderness of the Simpson desert. I was pleased with my performance and crossed the line joint second female- I felt amazing! However, at about 7k from the end of day 1, my knee started niggling and it was downhill from there. By day 3 I could hardly run due to a very swollen and painful knee and horrendous blisters on every toe.    I went from running a 5.11 hour marathon on day 1 to not being able to run, hobbling with poles and taking over 19 hours to complete day 5.     It was a real challenge to make this adjustment and I don't think I would have been able to get through the rest of the race without the unwaivering help and support from everyone- runners, medics and vollies.    Despite my injuries, I absolutely loved the event and feel proud to be able to call myself a Big Red Runner and to have been a part of something epic.    However hard I try, I will never be able to explain the BRR to people who weren't there. It is lifechanging, not just because of what we achieved but because of the friendships that were made, the pain that was shared and the memories that were made. I will never be the same again (neither will my currently toenail- less feet!)