Natalie Moore

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Year Completed:
2013, 2014, 2015

Big Red Run Experience

Big Red is a race that provides unique challenges in a unique environment. Hot days, freezing nights, only the food you can fit in to a small light weight bag, no showers, toilets in the sand, blisters, chaff, grazes, injuries, dehydration and sunburn. But, it's the people that make Big Red. The people that you run with that get you over the next hill, the people you sit around the camp fire with at night, the people you share a tent with that share your demons, the people that volunteer that you see all hours of the day and night, patch you up, and get you moving and motivated. The people that cheer you in at night and bolster you when you're feeling low. The people you share your hopes and dreams with as you pass the endless hours on the track. The people. Oh, and that epic feeling of accomplishment as you cross the finish line and can finally stop!