Mohan Kandiah

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Year Completed:
2013 & 2014

Big Red Run Experience

"Anything for a good cause" - type 1 D research in this case.
That got me interested in Big Red Run 2013.

Wow!  A 250 km desert run , and unlike other runs - this had a special meaning to
it. A special reason to run.
That was good enough to  prompt three of us from Singapore & Malaysia  to take
up the challenge -  a challenge that was well worth it all.

We had to look after ourselves, and our 'new friends' at the event.
'Caring & Sharing' - was all part of the game.

Five full days to reflect on life, and the sixth - a day to rejoice -
'we survived'.

"We met as strangers, We became friends,... And we finished as a family'...
the the next thing that came to mind almost naturally....
The Big Red Run 2014 - Not once, but done twice... A third perhaps.