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Big Red Run Experience

The question I believe you are asked most when you tell someone you've entered a race that is 250kms over 6 days is 'Why?'

The answer is simple, 'because I can'. Of course, you're not sure if that's actually true! You enter because you want to know if you can, you want to challenge your body and mind and see if they will be able to achieve the task you've set them. Throw in the fact that you are going to ask yourself to do this with a bunch of strangers in the desert and the word 'crazy' is the next one people use.

Well, I can tell you I am not crazy, and my mind and body held up very well to the challenge I laid before them in July 2014. What an amazing, uplifting, diverse, harrowing and enjoyable event The Big Red Run is. It was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. The scenery is unbelievable, the camaraderie second to none and the course is nothing like you have or will ever experience again. The Big Red Run is, and should be, on every runner's bucket list.