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Big Red Run Experience

I€m not one for overthinking anything but I participated in the BigRedRun 2014 for a couple of reasons:

1- As a test of myself, my training regime, my physical condition and my mental strength. After the six days I showed myself that the way I live and train is worthwhile.

2- Support for my friend Jared Anderson, Who as you will know is T1 diabetic and challenged me to participate. After all, if he could give BRR a shot then there was no reason for me not to.

The overall experience was amazing, every moment experiencing amplified sensations and emotions; the cold of the morning to heat of the fire at night, the anxiety and excitement of the start to the exuberation of the finish line, the pain of injuries to the pleasure of resting, the views around busy camp and aid stations to the isolation in the desert.

Thankyou for staging such a great event.