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The Big Red Run

250km, 6 day stage race

8.30 am Wednesday 2nd July-Monday 7th July 2014

Big Red Run Teams

Getting a team together for the Big Red Run is a great idea. There is nothing like sharing this unique challenge and outback adventure with a group of friends or colleagues.


How do Teams work in the Big Red Run?

Teams are made up of 3 or more people.

There are 2 categories of teams in Big Red Run.

  1. Normal team, where all team members run and walk together over the entire 250km course.
  2. Relay team, where team members can take it in turns to cover the course.

Teams of 3 or more are entitled to a 10% entry fee discount.

Team entries must be made manually by completion of the attached team entry form. 

Team Entry Form Big Red Run Team Entry Form Big Red Run (85 KB)

A team leader must be appointed by the team to take care of admin, entry lodgement and remittance of team entry fees.

How does a Relay Team work?.

A relay team is a fantastic way to enjoy the experience with your teammates without everyone in the team being required to cover the whole 250km course. This is an ideal introduction to a multi-day event, and is also ideal for corporate groups.

Like a normal team, a relay team is made up of 3 or more people.

All members of the team must start the event together and run or walk the entire first marathon day.

From days 2 to 5, team members can take it in turns to cover the course for each day. At the end of days 1 to 4 the team leader must nominate who is going to run on the following day (days 2 to 5). One or more runners from the team can choose to run, but if more than one runs all team members must stay together. The entire team can choose to run together on any day.

On day 6, the Final Day which is approximately 8km finishing back at Birdsville Hotel, again all team members must run and finish the event together on this last day.

For any information or questions about Teams please Contact us

Corporate Teams

If you are looking at entering a corporate team, and think your company may be interested in being a corporate supporter, we have very attractive Corporate Supporter packages available.

Please contact us for more details on Corporate Supporter Packages and we will respond to you and explain what we offer to Corporate Supporters in more detail. Packages are flexible to suits the needs of any company looking to become involved in Big Red Run.

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The Big Red Run is a unique high profile fundraising event, which draws significant media coverage. If you are interested in Big Red Run sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.


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