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Participant Profiles

Runner # (this is NOT a bib number) Last Name First name Event Gender Location State/Country Past Participation in Big Red Run What makes you want to participate in Big Red Run? Short Biography about yourself
1 Anesbury Garth 250km M Black Forest SA None Too much in life is safe and easy. This is a chance to step outside of this and challenge myself mentally and physically and at the same time support a valuable fundraising initiative. I am the owner of Kwik Kopy Hilton print & design business and am married with 2 daughters. I was relatively late to find running but have steadily progressed in distances over recent years through fun runs, half marathons and marathons before completing the Yurreibilla Trail Ultra run this year. Running for me is a chance to reflect, to challenge myself, to stay fit and to show my daughters that if you want something, sometimes you just have to work hard for it.
2 Blyth Joel 250km M Birdsville QLD None I want to support cause and make my mark, self achievement Originally from NZ have spent 3 years in Australia, 2 years in the outback working with the out backloop, 27 years of age, assistant manager at the Birdsville hotel, wanting to support this great cause also for self development and to make my mark on the Simpson dessert, I'm a keen go getter and want to attempt to break a new record or 2, livening in the outback has been a great exsperiance and I want to push it to the limits and send a message out that the sky is the limit if you want it and willing to work towards it.
3 Bognar Adrian 250km M Cheltenham VIC None To challenge my mind and body.,Push the limits Have competed in and Ironman and Marathons before, as well as 12/24 hour adventure races and see this as the next stepping stone. My brother has type one diabetes and has had from the age of 10. It will be thrilling to push myself to help raise money for a great cause I am connected to. I cant wait to face this challenge. It will be all in the mind
4 Brown Helen 150km F Nanango QLD None Would like to challenge myself at the same time helping children with diabetes!! I have 4 grown up young daughters, have been hairdressing for 34 years and have been running for around 12 years !
5 carter Kelly 250km F Barmaryee QLD None I would l like to inspire my children. I would like to challenge myself physically and mentally. I am a single mum of three beautiful children, I work full time and study full time . I currently work at Yeppoon state high as a Education Councillor, which I enjoy greatly. I have had many battles throughout my life that has moulded me into a person who enjoys any challenge that forces you to become the person that can deal with them.
6 Chetcuti Lorah 250km F Greenacre NSW None Personal Challenge Based in Sydney. Mother of two boys. Completed 100km Oxfam Trailwalker experience and always looking for new challenges to improve the mind and body. Completed half marathon on Great Wall of China 2017, and will undertake first marathon before the BRR experience.
7 Clemens Hardy 250km M Keilor VIC None I see how this is so hard on my cousin and his son and one of my friends also I have run my own businesses for some years and run up to 150 km a month I run half marathons and love it with the support from family
8 Collie Neil 250km M Glasshouse Mountains QLD Participant - 2017 This year to do the 250km After 2 strokes and my wife being there the whole time helping with rehabilitation it’s time we run big red run together.
9 Collie Sharon 250km F Glasshouse Mountains QLD None My hubby wants to do it as a couple Following my husband on his journey surviving from a stroke. And now I want to experience what he has
10 Curkoski Nic 250km F Helensburgh NSW None Personal challenge I'm not shy of a physical challenge especially it it means raising awareness along the way.  I have completed a 250klm walk over 5 days but running this distance & in the desert is something ive never experienced
11 Daly Darron 250km M ramsgate beach NSW None Help find cure. Lots of runs but nothing like this
12 Donovan Stephen 250km M Allambie NSW Participant - 2013 To challenge myself I'm a type 1 diabetic who does not want the disease to limit who I am and what I can do. I have such a supportive family and network. I want them to be proud of what I can achieve, because without them it wouldn't be possible. I have run the big red run in the first year with my Dad off not a lot of training and knee injuries as well. I want to complete 2018 solo and push myself to the next level.
13 Duncan Sally 250km F Walgett NSW None Great cause, excellent organisation and event, a personal challenge Mother is 5 / Live on the land in western NSW, farmers / Work full time off farm in Admin at Distance Education / Fit and strong, injury free / Planning to run a marathon in every state & territory in 2018
14 Dwyer Alison 150km F Castlemaine VIC None Challenge Love the outback and looking forward to exploring the Simpson
15 Egan Nick 250km M Traralgon VIC None The Challenge Married with 4 daughters. Own and run a Finance broking and Financial Planning business. Love trail running. Run several times a week. Longest run to date was 100km through Blue Mountains with Ultra Trail Australia this year.
16 Fourie Louis 250km M Coolbinia WA None A cure We have 3 kids, Evie our 9yo daughter was diagnosed with T1D this year. I am a IT engineer working in Perth. I use to run cross country at school and completed a marathon and ultra marathon when I wa much younger.
17 Fox David 250km M Bathurst NSW None To prove that i can in Aug 2015 i decided to need to get active, starting with obstacles races, then added a marathon and a couple of other trail runs. Biggest event accomplish so far Spartan Ultra beast 42+km 60+ obstacles
18 Giblin Crissy 250km F Crib Point VIC None The challenge is huge and i want to show that even with an autoimmune disease, anything is possible if you want it bad enough. I love distance running and catching the beautiful sunrise. There's just something about it that strikes me in the heart. I just love it.
19 Goederee Luke 250km M Selby VIC None For the experience and the challenge, and for that to be able to do good in the world by helping inspire people to donate to the fundraising. I'm 29 years old and a garbage truck driver. I joined a bootcamp a couple of years ago which helped kick-start my interest in running and doing events
20 Haselroither Helmut 250km M McGraths Hill NSW Participant - 2014, 2017 It's an awesome event. Helmut: Runner :)
21 Haynes Travis 250km M Tocumwal NSW None I want to do it to support reasearch for all the people who have type 1 diabetes. I have never done anything like this before so feel it would be a great achievement. I am an experienced electrician who runs successful business in a small rural town. I live with my wife and 11 month old son in Tocumwal NSW. I love run running but have never completed a marathon.
22 Hickson Lisa 250km F Adelaide SA None the challenge, to push my limits, to do something epic.  to raise money to help with research for a cure. I am a RN working in community aged care, started running seriously about 2 years ago after losing 30kg. Took a liking to trail running and completed my first Ultra this year. I am not a fast runner by any means, generally find me at the back of the pack, but I love the challenge that I get from the long run. I  enjoy the camaraderie that is part of the trail running community, always friendly always fun. I wanted to do BRR this year but unfortunately could not. Now my 3 year old grandson has just been diagnosed with type 1 it makes me more determined to complete this challenge, and do something amazing and that will stay with me for the rest of my life.  It will also be my 50th birthday, so what better present could I get!
23 Hill Steven 150km M Cromer NSW Volunteer - 2013. Participant - 2015 I love challenging myself, and it gets me out of the house for the week Married with 3 kids. And have 4 grand kids. Wife Sally ran in 2013 and I volunteered. I ran in 2015 and Sally and youngest son Nathan volunteered. I love running, triathlon, and soccer.
24 Houtsma Bettina 250km F Beerwah QLD None Adventure challenge I am married (31 years), 3 children and 6 grandkids. I am a teacher working for Education Qld. I kicked off my new found interest in running 5 years ago with my longest ever distance being 5ks. Since then i have completed a range of half, full and ultra marathons in both road and trail. My longest ultras being Kokoda Gold coast and Blackall 100 a few times.
25 Howard Justin 250km M Emerald QLD None It’s a run for a worthy cause and this year it starts on my birthday, two good reasons. I grew up on a cattle and grain property in a small community in the Gindie district. Went to University of Queensland Gatton Campus where I studied not a lot. Got married, had four beautiful children, got divorced, in that time worked and managed family properties. Worked in the Minning industry as a operator also pump crew which managed the water within the mine. I’m am now working as a full time agronomist specialising in prescion Ag. It’s been 25 years since I have run serious, a fantastic group call Emerald runners have encouraged and inspired me to run again. November 7th 2016 I started again, in that time I have run 10, 21, 42 and 100 km events.
26 Jones Lesly 250km F Katoomba NSW None The challenge and raising money to help to find a cure for diabetes I am a Registered Nurse -I work in Drug and alcohol nursing at the Blue Mountains Hospital. I have a beautiful family - 2 sons -Joey is18 and Oscar 13 and one husband -Lino, we also have 2 tabby cats Herculaneum and Baba Smudge and 2 staffs Texas and Desdamona. ,I love running a long way.. I love being outside..I love this planet.
27 Jurkiw Renee 250km F Hackett ACT None Personal challenge I am 37 and recently had a beautiful baby girl. I have participated in some UTA prior to having a baby but none since. Looking forward to the challenge and adventure that comes with this run.
28 Jurkiw Yaroslav 250km M Hackett ACT Participant - 2015 BRR makes the individuals in a group do what individuals by themselves believe is not possible. Imagine going for a 250KM run by yourself....BRR makes you aware that more is possible. as an unprofessional but regular participant in ultra events you quickly realize what you use out on the trails of an ultra event you can use in everyday life. ,My life in a nutshell...,New father of a very wriggly 4 month old daughter keeps me busy while I'm not working.,Currently working for CSIRO, one of the most amazing organisations I've ever worked for. While I'm not busy with the 2 things above, Renee keeps me grounded and with a direct connection to nature and the outdoors, you quickly realize that problems are really first world problems and it really is a privilege to do something like this...
29 kelly David 250km M Traralgon VIC None To have great story when old and grey Father of one and Nick and I ran the UTA 100 and thought this would be even better
30 Laundess Jayde 250km F Marrickville NSW Participant - 2017 Participated last year and loved it. Can't wait to do it again Weekend warrior that's loves the challenge.
31 Logos Andrea 250km F Renmark SA None Personal challenge I'm a mother of 3 from the Riverland in SA living on a family fruit property.  Love trail running and have participated in several ultra's, including Yurrebilla 56 and the Heysen 105.  The BRR will certainly be the biggest physical and mental challenge and am hoping just to make the distance and enjoy the journey!
32 Lucas Steve 250km M limpinwood NSW Participant - 2017 Ran last year Started adventuring run in 3 yrs ago
33 Matthews Simon 250km M Lake Albert NSW None Personal challenge and it's a great way to raise awareness/funding of T1DM research `Married, 2 kids (7 & 10).  Moved from the UK 5 years ago to take up a post in regional Australia (bit of a tree change....)  At work I'm an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hip, knee and trauma surgery.  Running for the last few years and so far up to marathon distance.  Now for something bigger!
34 Mckay Ross 250km M Rangiora NZ None My daughter has Type 1 NZ #2 Show Jumping Champion in high school years,NZ Junior Rally Champion 1993,Age Group NZ Water Ski Champion 2016,Have competed in the NZ Coast to Coast Multisport Race,My 1st Marathon was the Great Wall of China 2014  ,UTA100 Finisher 2016
35 Melvey Annette 250km F north Bondi NSW None To challenge my self and help find a cure for type 1 diabetes . I am a mum of 3 children. My husband has type 1 diabetes (diagnosed at 2 years of age) and my 12 year old son was diagnosed 2 years ago.  I have completed a few marathons, half marathons  and have entered the UTA 50 this year. I have never done anything like this race before and it will definitely be a challenge.
36 Mestres Teena 250km F Ryde NSW None A friend of mine did Big Red Run in 2015 and raved about the experience. She truly inspired me and the idea of doing it has been bubbling away for a couple of years. It is a physical and mental challenge, in an absolutely stunning part of Australia. I suppose that’s why I have been fascinated with Big Red Run. You get to see a part of Australia that many people don’t ever see. You get to share stories around the campfire at night with your fellow runners. You get to push your body to the absolute limit and you get to see how much grit you truly have.,I can’t think of a better adventure I am a mum of 2 boys, work full time as a TV editor and run to maintain my sanity. I am definitely a back o' the packer, it's where the party is! I have run 4 marathons and 10 half marathons, since I took up running in 2011. By the time BRR 2018 rolls around, I will have added Paris marathon and UTA50 to my medal holder - as training for BRR!
37 Moloney Darcy 150km F Oaklands Junction VIC None I want to participate in the Big Red Run because I want to prove to myself that my mind and body is capable of anything. I'm also really glad that I'll be raising funds for a cure for Type 1 Diabetics like my dad, David Moloney, and many others we've met. But most important to me is the experience; being able to see the Australian desert first hand and know I deserve it because I've worked so hard to be there! I'm fourteen and I'll be starting year nine at MacRobertsons Girls School in 2018. I play netball and I participate in a few running events and sports teams at school. I've been running for a few years but I'm only just starting to run consistently. My dad really motivates me the most, though.
38 Moloney David 250km M Oaklands Junction VIC Participant - 2015 The event is awesome and I love running and raising awareness and money for T1D Coming back to BRR from 2015. BRR was my entry into running as a fund raiser for T1D. I have not stopped running since and knew I would come back one day. This event is very special to me and to all who accepts the mammoth challenge.
39 Nanscawen Em 250km F Narre Warren North VIC None I registered for 2017 but fell sick early in the year and wasn't well enough to do it, so I had to withdraw :( Nothing overly interesting.  33yo mother of 2, wife to an electrician.  We work hard and love our little family.  Have fur babies.  Built a house.  Now starting the primary school years.  My step mother has Type 1.  She was diagnosed in her early 40s which I am lead to believe is unusual.  There have been many diabetic comas and trips to ICU with the MICA paramedics.  I am do this for her.
40 Newman Anne 250km F sydney NSW Participant - 2013 have done it before have always a challenge
41 Oliver Donna 250km F Windella NSW Participant - 2017 I went last year and i feel i need to go back and finish what i started I am just a normal woman, 3 kids & a husband. I am a persona trainer and also specialise in Mind Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP etc etc. I have entered several runs, including Big Red Run 2017. I enjoy getting outside and i have discovered i absolutely LOVE the desert!
42 Parker Jacqui 250km F HAWTHORN EAST VIC Volunteer - 2015, 2016, 2017 3 years of "doing a recce"! Plus the desire to raise funds to eradicate T1D, so that my nephew and niece don't have to face the life my brother Steve endures. I'm a lawyer, teacher-in-training and general adventurer with my finger in many pies. Currently I live on a boat in Port Melbourne. I ran Oxfam in 2015 and have been pretty piecemeal in my training ever since.
43 Petering Tahnee 250km F Riddells Creek VIC Participant - 2016 After participating in the Little Red Run in 2016 I'd like to see what the Simpson looks like when it's dry! Married, 2 kids, limited running experience but a good walker
45 Raymond Craig 150km M Kingsford 2032 NSW Participant - 2015 challenge 8th male in BRR 250km 2015 however injuries have hampered me since. This year wanting the challenge of the faster and different 150km event and sharing the experience and extra time at camp with my family, especially my 7 year old son
46 Sampaio Mario 250km M Tarapaca Chile None Desire to run the top ultra marathons around the world I started running in 2012 and in 2014 I made my first ultra 100km and I did not stop running around the world. I like to race in the desert and I have completed the main ultras of 250km. I am very happy when I cross the finish line, this is fantastic
47 Simpson Kylie 250km F Kellyville Ridge NSW None Have been to Birdsville a couple of times and love the area Married mother of 2, 15 and 12 years old (probably being dragged with us), work fulltime in IT for over 20 years now.  Been running sine 2009, have completed numerous half marathon's and 3 marathons (just did New York this month), started trail running 2 years ago, have done the Dopey Challenge at Disneyworld as my first multi day event, am hoping to do my first Ultra at UTA in May then combine multiday and ultra in June at the BRR!
48 Smith Benjamin 250km M Westcourt QLD None Diabetes is not a preventor, it is an additional variable to life. I want to be challenged mentally, physically and spiritually. The Big Red Run can provide this opportunity. At 14 being told having Diabetes means I cannot do all things has remained in my mind that this is a lie. Living with my partner, Belinda supports me in my desire to challenge these past comments. As a teacher, the aim has been to allow students to see they will be challenged, and must always stand tall with the community to support you. Running is a form of meditation with no aim of winning against other people, only to win my own personal races.
49 Smith Tanya 150km F Wattle Camp QLD None Love pushing boundaries and a great cause Mother of 2 grown children and owner / operate a health and wellbeing Retreat and studio
50 Summers Lizzie 250km F Upper Ferntree Gully VIC None Everything about it - multiday event. Part of au I haven't explored yet and for a great cause In 2014 when I thought I was at my physical peak I fractured my neck of femur and then found out about this event.  If there was something to heal for and work towards this was the event.  Both a physical and mental challenge like I've never faced before I set my sites on learning to run again and complete this event whilst raising funds for JDRF to work towards a cure for type 1 diabetes.
51 Tansley Carlie 250km F Birkdale QLD Volunteer - 2015 Participant - 2016 Supporting a great cause and sharing a wonderful experience with like-minded people Coming
52 Tansley Jade 250km F Birkdale QLD Volunteer - 2015 Participant - 2016 Supporting a great cause and enjoying a fun event. Loved it in 2016 so I'm back Unfinished Business!
53 Turner Vicki 250km F Riddells Creek VIC Participant - 2016 Participated in 2016, I have an 11 year old daughter with type 1 Local running group, and apart from 2016 BRR and a few other local and Melbourne events (20kms) or so not many others!
54 Van Vuren Pieter 250km M Sarina QLD None It's for a good cause, and I want to see if I can do it. I'm a casual runner, who moved to Australia 12 years ago.  I found that running is a great way to see this awesome country.
55 Vernon Peta 250km F Bowen QLD None Every one who is able to, should do something to help those who aren't able Mum of 3 littlies, wife to a train driver, lawyer by day. Not an athlete but have completed 4 half marathons, several tri's and lots of long bike rides. I enjoy a challenge and am so grateful for my life.
56 Weir Tony 250km M Sherwood QLD Participant - 2013 I did the 1st 1 in 2013 Ultrarunner (30 ultras), trekking Nepal, PNG, NZ, Sth America
57 Welsh Katharine 250km F Bondi Beach NSW None So many reasons! I did the Uluru marathon last year and it was unbelievable. The red centre was breath-taking. A friend did the BRR and suggested it to me a year ago. I was too scared to do it this year but I think it is something I have to do. Because I think I can't! Single mother of 2 young children (5 and 7 years old). Physiotherapist in my 20's. Doctor in my 30's. Recently back in training in emergency medicine. Spent many years as a mum and wife. Life is different now - I am stronger, fitter, braver and happier. But the BRR is a big important step for me.
58 Westaway Ian 250km M Wantirna South VIC Participant - 2017 Did it in  2017, great event Went outside my comfort zone in 2017 at Big Red and having another go.
59 Westaway Sue 150km F Wantirna South VIC Volunteer - 2017 Volunteered last year ( 2017) when my husband participated in the event, and was inspired to challenge myself. Active mother 3 grown children, now an empty nester and have time for ME. Was totally inspired last year when volunteering whilst my husband participated in the event. Needed to come back and take on the challenge myself, I think many people wonder through life never realising what they can acheive. This will challenge and push me out of my comfort zone.
60 Westwick Andrew 250km M Pumpenbil NSW Participant - 2017 To better last years effort Married with 2 children. Own small radiology company
61 Williams David 250km M Flinders Island TAS Participant - 2015 I loved it in 2015! What an amazing event. My wife and I live on a remote island (Flinders island) in the middle of the Bass Strait, Tasmania where I run most days along sandy bush trails. I have many marathons and Ultras including the 2015 Big Red Run and am excited to meet fellow runners in next year's event.


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