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Born to Run

The Big Red Run

250km Big Red Run

150km Little Red Run

6 day stage race

7.30 am Saturday 27th June -Thursday 2nd July 2015

Meet the Big Red Run Team

Greg Donovan – Event Founder

Greg is the founder of the Born to Run Foundation, and also the Big Red Run as the Foundations first major fundraising event. He is also Founder of the Big Burke and Wills Trek, and the ANZAC Day Challenge.

Whilst Greg is involved the overall event planning, operations and financial management, come event time its Greg’s role is to keep out of the way of the event team, so the experts can get on with the job on hand!

Lucas Trihey - Event Director

Lucas Trihey knows the Simpson desert intimately from many trips including the first ever unsupported walk across the desert in 2006. He walked solo for 400km through the centre and away from vehicle tracks pulling a purpose built cart to carry 86 litres of water and all his food and supplies for the 17 day walk.

He’s been involved professionally in safety and risk management for endurance events for over 20 years and has worked in Antarctica, the Karakoram, Africa, Asia, New Zealand, all over Australia and the Outback. With a background in mountaineering, expeditions, search & rescue and desert exploration he is at home in remote places.

Lucas’s role for the Big Red Run is to help with the course mapping and logistics and to keep the runners, crew and volunteers safe and well.


Adrian Bailey – Race Director

A keen athlete from an early age, Adrian has traveled the world representing his native country -Wales at a variety of events including the World Cup Cross Country Championships in Belgium & Italy; 50km Road Championships –Jordan; Salomon World Cup Adventure Racing Championships – Wales, Spain & Colorado; 100km World Championships – Tuscany and the British International 3 Peaks Yacht Race where by runners and sailors team together and sail the length of Great Britain and summit the highest peaks of Wales, England & Scotland.

These opportunities have provided him with a wealth of knowledge and the foundations to build and develop an aspiring Sporting Events Company as we know it today – ACTIVE QT www.activeqt.co.nz.

His enthusiasm for organising events, including Road Races, Cross Country, Triathlons, MTB and Mountain Marathons is driven by his sporting experiences over the years toorganise a combination of adventure and wellbeing opportunities for people from all walks of life; encouraging participation in events that are motivating, inspiring, challenging and rewarding – as well as familiarising people with the benefits associated with health and wellbeing, an opportunity to set and achieve personal goals which in turn would inspire others..

Adrian Bailey - It’s not all about the years in your life… but the LIFE in your years!

Laura Impey – Event Manager

Laura has a hand in all aspects of managing Big Red Run, and most people from competitors to volunteers will be dealing with Laura in the lead up to the event. Laura looks after communication with competitors and volunteers, answering questions and assisting anyone with whatever they need help with, volunteer management and scheduling, event administration and planning, and on top of this does whatever is required to make sure things happen as and when they should during the event.

Dr Glenn Singleman - Medical Director

Glenn is an experienced emergency and intensive care doctor and has been doctor for expeditions to Antarctica, the Andes, the Himalya, Irian Jaya and the North West Passage. He's been the doctor for diving expeditions to the Marianas Trench, and the wreck of the Titanic and for high altitude ballooning trips to Mt Everest and the Simpson Desert. An award winning film-maker, Glenn has made six docos and has worked with Hollywood legend James Cameron on three expeditions.

Glenn and safety director Lucas Trihey are assembling the medical equipment for the Big Red Run and are recruiting doctors and paramedics for the medical team.

You can read more about Glenn on his website www.baseclimb.com

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The Big Red Run is a unique high profile fundraising event, which draws significant media coverage. If you are interested in Big Red Run sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.


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