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Born to Run

27 June to 2 July 2018 


Day 3 - Enforced Rest Day

Organisers made the difficult and decision to have a compulsory rest day on day 3. The course conditions for runners was again expected to be far less than ideal, and access roads to the course for crew were either covered in inches of water, or too boggy to get vehicles in.

The majority of runners were very relived to hear they wouldn't have to battle through the clay again, and they spent Day 3 resting in camp. The sun came out, and the ground began to firm up and dry out. Clothes lines and wash stations were set up for runners to wash and dry their muddy gear. Runners and volunteers enjoyed 4WD bus tours and were treated to joy rides up Big Red, and a trip around some local tracks that were still intact to see the affects if the rain on the outback landscape. The heli ran joy rides through the afternoon for a birds eye view. Dusty from Birdsville Bakery sent some hot fresh soup to camp for a special dinner treat.

Day 4 has just got underway at 8.30am this morning. Conditions on course have improved, and the course has been amended to divert around the wettest areas in an attempt to keep runners dry and running on hard surface underfoot. The rain has compacted sand on the dunes, making for an incredible running surface, coupled with spectacular views into the wet dune valleys below.

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