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Born to Run

27 June to 2 July 2018 


Day 2 - Results & Photos

Internet access has camp has been hindered for a day - first world problems! Operating an event in the desert certainly comes with it's challenges!

Big Red Run founder Greg Donovan says “Nothing significant is ever achieved from within ones comfort zone” - well, on Day 2 our contestants lived this motto and achieved inspirational things.

Day 2 was all about the conditions - unseasonal and persistent rain fell overnight and as runners and our amazing crew emerged from our Clay Flat camp site we were welcomed with drizzle and mud. The organisers were aware of the weather reports and had briefed the runners of the expected conditions however it was worse than anticipated making for a difficult and dramatic run for some.

The Simpson served up a difficult day for our contestants, some of whom relished the challenge and others understandably nervous as they crossed the start line with mud caked footwear and an awkward running style. These were conditions you cannot train for.

Remarkably, our leader Elisabet Barnes crossed the finish line in 4:17:37 (only 18 minutes longer than day one) stating it was one of the hardest days racing she has encountered in her ultra marathon career.

Runners reported that the dunes were an oasis to clean at the kilos of mud caked to their shoes and the roads were at stages slippery like ice, dangerous yet beautiful.

The physical challenges of any ultra marathon are unique and desert racing in the harsh Australian outback can really throw it all at our runners. Today it was rain, but our positive contestants finished with smiles and were happy that the flies remained at bay! One of our runners said it wasn’t a piece of cake, it was a mud cake! 



  • Elisabet Barnes (Sweden)      4:17:37
  • Helen Durand                           5:16:03
  • Karla Johnston                         5:50:38
  • Jamie Hildage                       4:18:23
  • Andy Dubois                         4:44:29
  • Braddan Johnson (UK)        4:53:08


  • Niandi Carmont                    2:53:00
  • Tahnee Petering                   3:55:50
  • Amy Evans                             4:22:28
  • Alasdair Nicol                       3:58:14

Day 2 results can be found here.

Day 2 images can be found here.


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